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A good breakfast sets the mood for the day. Moreover, the dishes available for breakfast on the streets offer you a glimpse of the culture, tradition and heritage of a place.

Thus this thoughtfully curated breakfast tour will acquaint you with the popular local eateries and their celebrated delicacies.

The walk will begin with an invigorating cup of traditional milky tea from an iconic tea stall run by the fourth generation of the family who started it. This place is so iconic that it is always abuzz with tea lovers, especially during the morning time.

After that energising tea break we will head to taste two different types of kachoris, which are the ubiquitous breakfast items over here, from Churukon Ka Rasta. The morning time rush at this place will leave you surprised. It will be followed by a delicious Sindhi delicacy called dal pakwan from a 50 years old eatery that specialises in the same. Next we will try some luscious doodh jalebi. During the winter months along with the doodh jalebis, we will relish authentic Rajasthani style rabri.

Thereafter, we pop some hot and spicy dal ke pakode from a nondescript stall whose fritters speak for its reputations. Then we will savour the scrumptious mutton nihari which is a phenomenal slow cooked meat delicacy. Next we will head to the oldest restaurant of Jaipur i.e. Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar for some mouth watering pyaaz ki kachori. This will be followed by some hearty, pure desi ghee based puri sabji and zesty dahi bhallas. Finally we will end this immersive breakfast walk with a faluda which is a refreshingly luscious traditional frozen dessert.

Brunch is an elaborate meal that combines the goodness of breakfast with the heartiness of lunch. Keeping your relaxed and easygoing schedule in mind, we have come up with a leisurely brunch trail that takes you on a gratifying food walk only after you have rested well.

We will start with an invigorating cup of traditional milky tea from an iconic tea stall run by the fourth generation of the family who started it. From there we will head to the oldest restaurant of Jaipur i.e Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar for mouth watering pyaaz ki kachori. This light and delicious snack will be followed by a zesty aloo tikki chaat and luscious mishri mawa. After that we will savour the scrumptious mutton nihari which is a phenomenal slow cooked meat delicacy.

Thereafter we will bite into some puri sabji at Tripolia bazar. The walk around the pink city walk would be incomplete without trying this unique platter that consists of aloo pyaaz ki sabji, bejad ki roti and lehsun ki chutney. We will also have their fabled rabdi which is an irresistible traditional sweet. This gratifying brunch walk will end with faluda, refreshingly luscious traditional frozen dessert.

The grandeur of this historical city is in full glory during the night when the magnificent royal architecture and the marketplaces are brightly lit up and most of the people are out on the streets for recreation. Thus, we have curated a special dinner time trail that enables you to experience this beauty while indulging in the delicious local cuisine.

The walk begins with an invigorating cup of traditional milky tea from an iconic tea stall run by the fourth generation of the family who started it. We will then cross beautiful narrow bylanes to reach Johari Bazaar or the jewellery market, that is famous for lip smacking aloo tikkis and dahi bhallas. From there we will go on to try a few areca nuts based mouth fresheners that are the quintessential postmeal treat in this region.

The non vegetarian guests will be treated to a robust and flavourful traditional goat curry called Nihari. After that we will visit the lane that is fully dedicated to pickle shops, to try some mind boggling pickles from a nearly 180 years old shop. Next we will savour some asafoetida flavoured kachoris, a super popular traditional snack, at Churukon Ka Rasta. From there we will head outside the walled city to relish the Lal Maas which is an iconic red coloured meat curry from this state. The penultimate dishes of this tour includes the most celebrated Rajasthani delicacy called the dal bati churma and mawa kachoris. Finally we will return back to the precincts of the walled city and end our food walk with a refreshing faluda or the traditional frozen dessert.

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Day 1


Check-in/Dinner at Hotel – Haveli Dharampura

Day 1
Day 2


India is the most diverse country in the world and its capital Delhi represents
this essence. We designed this tour for the traveller who doesn’t just visit a
place, but seeks to understand and feel a part of it.

We’ll visit several different neighbourhoods, markets, and food venues. We’ll walk through the morning  vegetable market, where farmers from nearby villages bring the fresh produce of the day, listen to the splashing of the laundrymen cleaning the linen of hundreds of hotels from the surrounding area, and witness the humbling generosity of a Sikh community. A stone’s throw away from there, we find the elegant colonial architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyen’s British New Delhi, followed by sipping ‘Chai’ in Asia’s largest Spice Market, dating back to the 17th century and ending at a monastery in our own Mini Tibet. These glimpses of day to day life from diverse parts of India seems
surreal at times, seeing places so close in distance, yet so different.

Breakfast and Lunch included in the tour.
Evening at leisure.
Dinner at the Hotel.

Day 2
Day 3


Early morning departure from Delhi by Flight.


Check-in at Hotel – Ranjit Vilas

An afternoon visit to the Golden Temple, the greatest pilgrimage site of Sikhism
in the world, including a “Langar” meal in the world’s largest Community
Kitchen, where volunteers serve a free meal for as many as 100,000 people per
day. Initiated as a way to feed the poor and needy, the “Langar” is a symbol of
etiquette, communal harmony and dedication, as people sit together in large
numbers to share a meal. Service to mankind is the true essence of this

Optional city tour to nearby historic sites such as Jallianwala Bagh, Maharaja
Ranjit Singh Museum, Durgiana Temple.

Evening Non-Veg Food Trail– Amritsar has evolved as a cultural centre since its
formation in 1574, and food has always been an important component of its
evolution. We will try Amritsar’s famous non-veg delicacies, Makhan fish,
Tandoori Chicken and more, while exploring the city’s bustling markets, all on
an electric rickshaw.

Day 3
Day 4


Breakfast at Hotel

The real essence of Punjab lies in its lush green fields, water canals, poultry farms and rustic lifestyle. A day trip to rural “Punjabiyat” gives the best opportunity to explore all of it. We’ll have a tractor ride to fetch veggies for our lunch, visit a local Gurudwara all designed to leave the urban existence behind for a time.

Day 4