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Early mornings at Old Delhi (Purani Dilli) is a tranquil affair. A stroll across these nearly deserted lanes will take you back in time. It is a fascinating experience to observe the unusually quaint and serene morning scenes at an otherwise chaotic marketplace and when it is teamed up with mouth-watering food, this wondrous exploration transmutes into an indelible experience.

The early morning food walk is curated in such a way that it covers all those special dishes which are only available for breakfast and brunch. 

We will start the walk from Asia’s biggest wedding card and paper wholesale market. There, we will dig into a unique combination of bedmi poori, nagori halwa and chole kulche, which are popular delicacies of Northern India.

Then we will head to the area around the majestic Jama Masjid, one of the biggest Mosques in India to try authentic Mughlai breakfast dishes like nihari and paaya with traditional breads like khameeri roti and sheermal.

After the soul satisfying meal we will hop on a tuk-tuk to reach Asia’s biggest spice market where you can have a look at the mind boggling variety of both local and exotic spices. Hundreds of traders and buyers throng this marketplace place for spices. The market is adjacent to the Fatehpuri Mosque, whose view can be enjoyed from the terrace that also provides a panoramic view of Old Delhi. This mesmerizing experience will be followed by a small chai break.

Next we will explore some of the most historic food joints of Chandni Chowk where we will try dishes like cholle-bhature, lassi and delectable authentic Indian sweets from one of the oldest shops located in Chandni Chowk that is around a century old. Last but not the least, we will end our memorable food tour by visiting the Sikh place of Worship called the Gurudwara.

Time- 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Join us for this expeditious and fascinating, full vegetarian culinary tour that covers food, history, and culture of Old Delhi. It is a specially curated tour for those visitors who have limited time in hand, but still want to explore and experience the city, as much as they can.

We will start the tour by visiting Old Delhi’s renowned Gurudwara i.e. a place of worship for the Sikh community. Here we will learn about the tenets of Sikhism and will also learn about the concept of community kitchen and other forms of services rendered by this community.

Post the Gurudwara visit, we will take you to the centuries-old Gali Paranthewali where you will relish some scrumptious Paranthas-a North Indian breakfast staple. It will be followed by a quick stroll across vibrant and colorful streets of Kinari Bazar or the Wedding market. Here we will take you to see the Nau Garah which refers to the nine beautiful houses in the neighbourhood which were built in the 18th century. There’s also a Jain Temple at the end of this lane. We will explore this 17th-century street market full of shops selling silver jewellery since the Mughal times. Here we will try samosas and Indian version of pretzel called jalebi from a 150 year old eatery.

After that indulgent meal, we will take a quick tuk-tuk ride to Asia’s biggest spice market. Here you will witness the mind boggling varieties of both local and exotic spices sold at closely lined up shops. Here we will take a small chai break to rejuvenate ourselves just as the locals do. Then we will head to the nearby flower market where you will be enticed by the sight and fragrance of a colourful array of flowers. Thereafter we will set out to explore the historic food joints of Chandni Chowk where we will try traditional Indian dishes like Cholle-Bhature, Lassi etc. Finally we will end the tour with some traditional sweets from one of the oldest shops in the locality that had been around for over a century.

Undoubtedly, this tour will offer you a quick yet profound experience about the culinary heritage and cultural canvas of 5 historical streets across Old Delhi.

Time – 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Experience the soul of Old Delhi by walking down the historic lanes of Shahjahanabad. We will start with a brief history about the iconic Lal Quila, which was the residence of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal. After that we will briefly explore the Jain and Hindu religious architectures along the narrow lanes of this street market. This will be followed by a visit to a Sikh worshipping site called Gurudwara to understand the basic tenets of Sikhism and to witness their community kitchen services from close quarters.

After little sightseeing, we will start the culinary adventure with the famous Aloo Tikki or shallow fried potato patty on the street of Chandni Chowk. It will be followed by a scrumptious meal of Parantha i.e. deep-fried stuffed flat bread from the centuries-old iconic lane called Gali Paranthe Wali. After that, we will take a sneak peek into the vibrant and colorful market which is the hub of wedding shopping. Then we will go exploring a 17th-century street market full of silver jewelers present since Mughal era, where we will try the samosa and Indian version of Pretzel called Jalebi at an almost 150 year old eatery.

After the satiating meal, we will take a short tuk-tuk ride to Asia’s biggest spice market to have a look at a variety of both local and exotic spices followed by a visit to a 24-hours flower market. Here we will take an invigorating tea break. This whole experience is going to be quite surreal.

Finally we will dive into an array of succulent kebabs, korma, butter chicken and luscious rice pudding in the historic lanes in and around the Jama Masjid, Delhi’s biggest mosque. From there, we will head towards our final stop to indulge in different flavors of Kulfi or the Indian version of Ice-cream at over a century old Kulfi shop.

Time- 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM

It isn’t an exaggeration when it is said that Mums are the best cooks in the world. There is something warm and comforting about mothers cooking. The amount of love and affection that they mix can transform any dish a master-chef one! The irresistible aroma and the magic in their hands is what constitute ‘Ghar ka Khana’. Mum’s kitchen and its inception were precisely based on this fundamental fact- mothers are the best cooks.

About the host- Ma’am ……… is an excellent home-chef. A retired school Principal with over thirty years of experience with children and their ways, Ma’am …… is also an well-acquainted with various regional cuisines from all over the country. Her areas of expertise in cooking are pickles, snacks and North Indian delicacies.

What’s there for you? Our classes include a package ranging from the minute handpicking of ingredients to experiencing various levels of cooking and finally savoring your meal. The duration of each class is three to four hours. The first step involves the buying of ingredients and the learning of the ‘art’ of bargaining. The next step involves the learning of the recipe of a five-course meal. The dishes are exclusively vegetarian. We, at Mum’s kitchen teach simple techniques to master the art of cooking. We teach little skills like kneading dough, chopping vegetables and rolling out breads. The complex understanding of mixing the spices and carefully blending those forms the next step of the process. Finally, our session ends with a sumptuous lunch with the host familyumptuous lunch with the host family.

Time – 11:30 am to 3:00 pm

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Day 1


Check-in/Dinner at Hotel – Haveli Dharampura

Day 1
Day 2


India is the most diverse country in the world and its capital Delhi represents
this essence. We designed this tour for the traveller who doesn’t just visit a
place, but seeks to understand and feel a part of it.

We’ll visit several different neighbourhoods, markets, and food venues. We’ll walk through the morning  vegetable market, where farmers from nearby villages bring the fresh produce of the day, listen to the splashing of the laundrymen cleaning the linen of hundreds of hotels from the surrounding area, and witness the humbling generosity of a Sikh community. A stone’s throw away from there, we find the elegant colonial architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyen’s British New Delhi, followed by sipping ‘Chai’ in Asia’s largest Spice Market, dating back to the 17th century and ending at a monastery in our own Mini Tibet. These glimpses of day to day life from diverse parts of India seems
surreal at times, seeing places so close in distance, yet so different.

Breakfast and Lunch included in the tour.
Evening at leisure.
Dinner at the Hotel.

Day 2
Day 3


Early morning departure from Delhi by Flight.


Check-in at Hotel – Ranjit Vilas

An afternoon visit to the Golden Temple, the greatest pilgrimage site of Sikhism
in the world, including a “Langar” meal in the world’s largest Community
Kitchen, where volunteers serve a free meal for as many as 100,000 people per
day. Initiated as a way to feed the poor and needy, the “Langar” is a symbol of
etiquette, communal harmony and dedication, as people sit together in large
numbers to share a meal. Service to mankind is the true essence of this

Optional city tour to nearby historic sites such as Jallianwala Bagh, Maharaja
Ranjit Singh Museum, Durgiana Temple.

Evening Non-Veg Food Trail– Amritsar has evolved as a cultural centre since its
formation in 1574, and food has always been an important component of its
evolution. We will try Amritsar’s famous non-veg delicacies, Makhan fish,
Tandoori Chicken and more, while exploring the city’s bustling markets, all on
an electric rickshaw.

Day 3
Day 4


Breakfast at Hotel

The real essence of Punjab lies in its lush green fields, water canals, poultry farms and rustic lifestyle. A day trip to rural “Punjabiyat” gives the best opportunity to explore all of it. We’ll have a tractor ride to fetch veggies for our lunch, visit a local Gurudwara all designed to leave the urban existence behind for a time.

Day 4